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Ready to make a positive change in your life? Now is the perfect moment to pursue that long-desired secondary diploma! Whether you’re aiming for personal growth, expanded career opportunities, or a confidence boost, our program is tailored for you. Benefit from flexible schedules, a supportive learning environment with experienced educators, and a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with essential knowledge and skills. Join a vibrant community of achievers, connect with like-minded individuals, and let our dedicated team guide you towards success. Don’t postpone your dreams; take the first step toward a brighter future. It’s your diploma, your time, and your future—seize it today!

How to Get Started

Call our office at (207) 873-5754 or email to schedule an intake meeting. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Winter/Spring enrollment begins on January 8, 2024.
Enroll in HiSET® at any time.

For Credit Recovery Learners, please contact your guidance department for a referral.

"MMRACE is an amazing program with great staff that will work with you to help you as much as they can no matter what your circumstances are. I have taken so many classes that give me opportunities for different jobs, along with different skills like bank teller training, criminal justice, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, along with required courses like English and math. I am incredibly grateful to the staff and the time I have spent earning my high school diploma."
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Sanova Chase
2023 Graduate | Letter to the Editor Kennebec Journal
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MMRACE Adult Secondary Diploma

We offer a variety of academic courses for adult learners to earn credits towards their High School Diploma. The Adult Secondary Diploma program at Mid-Maine Adult Education requires learners to earn twenty-two (22) credits in specified subject areas.

Our staff and instructors work with you to develop a personal learning plan that works for you. We consider previous credits earned when creating your customized learning plan. Classes offer small-group sizes and meet during a variety of times throughout the week – day and evening. We can offer hybrid and distance courses to assist learners with transportation barriers. The Adult Secondary Diploma program is funded by our local, state, and federal government, therefore, there are no costs to learners to enroll.

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Those twenty-two credits are:
English – 4 credits
Math – 3 credits
Science – 2 credits
General Social Studies – 1 credit
US History – 1 credit
Civics and/or Government – 1 credit
Fine Arts – 1 credit
Digital Literacy – 1 credit
General Electives – 8 credits

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HiSET® | High School Equivalency Exam

Mid-Maine Adult Education offers a flexible HiSET program to meet your busy life. Our HiSET program provides individualized academic assistance to help you prepare and take the HiSET. Now is the perfect time to complete your High School credential and take the next step in your professional career.

Our instructors work at your pace to develop a learning plan that works for you. Classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays during the afternoons and evenings to provide a range of options for learners to attend. All HiSET learners have access to goal-planning, college application/enrollment assistance, resume help, job search navigation, and more. Contact our office to learn more and schedule a registration appointment.

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To pass and earn your HiSET credential, all subject tests must be passed individually. Additionally, all five subject test scores must add up to a required composite score to meet full completion requirements and earn your credential. All tests are multiple-choice with the exception of the Writing test, which has multiple-choice and one essay prompt. Testing accommodations may be available for individuals with documented disabilities.

The HiSET consists of five(5) subject tests:

1) Reading
2) Writing
3) Social Studies
4) Science
5) Mathematics

Come Learn With Us

Embarking on the journey of adult learning and unsure about the right program for you? No worries! Our Academic Student Coordinator is here to guide you in planning your optimal path forward. Take the first step towards personal growth and knowledge enrichment—connect with us today!