MMRACE is closed today 12/4 due to weather. This includes our evening classes. We will be in touch. Stay safe and stay warm.

Mid-Maine Adult Education offers a variety of academic courses for adult learners to earn credits towards their High School Diploma. The Adult High School Diploma program at Mid-Maine Adult Education requires learners to earn twenty-two (22) credits in specified subject areas. Those twenty-two credits are: 

English – 4 credits

Math – 3 credits

Science – 2 credits

General Social Studies – 1 credit

US History – 1 credit

Civics and/or Government – 1 credit

Fine Arts – 1 credit 

Digital Literacy – 1 credit 

General Electives – 8 credits


Our staff and instructors work with you to develop a personal learning plan that works for you. We consider previous credits earned when creating your customized learning plan. Classes offer small-group sizes and meet during a variety of times throughout the week – day and evening. We can offer hybrid and distance courses to assist learners with transportation barriers. The Adult High School Diploma program is funded by our local, state, and federal government, therefore, there are no costs to learners to enroll. 


All learners must schedule an appointment with the Academic and Career Advisor to complete the enrollment process. 

Classes begin Tuesday, September 5, 2023 and end on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

Class has begun